Friday, August 4, 2017

thlz episode 18: the white sphere speaks....

This is why Cyborgs are a bad idea...

This week myself and The Bruce talk about the epic PHR fleet deck, yes it is epic. The Duncan Levi gets mocked for having a battle report and not showing to talk about it. Then we talk about bad news, but it's ok we follow up with some good news. So sit back relax and enjoy this cast.

Show break down:
The News: 2:23
Hobby Time: 6:23
Game Talk: 8:08
War Reports: 34:45
Upcoming Events: 44:26

Also listeners in Canada we still love you, we're just playing.

Ever wonder what that jingling noise is in the background when I talk... ~GFW

Once again the upcoming DZC and DFC hosted by Michel has been canceled.

And send us all questions you have for Hawk, we may be able to get them answered for you when Captain Socks heads to Gencon.

Big thanks to our sponsor The Model Exchange, and all of our Patreon supporters.

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